Tattooing In Sheffield

Our Sheffield tattoo studio is based at Mansfield Road, Intake, Sheffield, South Yorkshire where we have now been successfully established for almost 10 years. We have two tattooists, Simon and Beany who have been tattooists in Sheffield for over 30 years combined.

Black and Grey Tattooing in Chesterfield

Simon specialises in black and grey tattoos, custom tattoos and freehand tattooing.

Japanese Tattoos in Chesterfield

Beany specialises in Maori tattoos, black and grey tattoos, Japanese tattoos and freehand tattooing.

Tattooists Specialities
  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoos
  • Maori Tattooists
  • Freehand Tattooing
  • Custom Tattooists
  • Sheffield and Chesterfield

Tattoo Studio Sheffield Location

Our tattoo studio in Sheffield is located in the south of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We are easily accessible, just ten minutes from the M1 junction 33 and approximately ten minutes from Chesterfield with parking available. We're open from 10am Monday to Saturday.

  • Mansfield Road, Intake, Manor, Gleadless
  • Arbathorne, Manor Top, Hackenthorpe
  • Heeley, Abbeydale,
  • Bradway, Totley, Greenhill
  • Sky Edge, City Road,
  • Portrait Tattooing From Photographs
  • Get Your Own Design Tattooed

Help Choosing Your Tattoo Design

If you have a design you want tattooing from a drawing or image on paper or media stick or disk we can create a workable tattoo design from one or several images chosen by you at our tattoo parlour in Sheffield. We specialise in black and grey tattooing, Japanese tattoos, custom work, freehand tattooing, football tattoos, fat bob and Maori tattoos.

Experienced Tattooist in Sheffield

  • Tattoo studio in Sheffield
  • Tattooists for Sheffield and Chesterfield
  • Shefffield Wednesday Tattoos
  • Fat Bob and Bio Mechanical Tattoos
  • Football Tattoos and Religious Tattoos
  • Weird Creature Tattoos
  • Maori and Japanese Tattooists
  • Black and Grey Tattoo Artists in Sheffield

Our Tattooists Use Only Finest Quality Inks For Their Japanese and black and grey Tattoos In Sheffield

Feel The Steel Tattoo Studio Sheffield

Simons live fasy die fun tattoo

Run by Simon and Beenie, two experienced tattoo artists in Sheffield Feel The Steel is a busy tattoo studio in the south of Sheffield.

Tattooing Tips and Hints

Simons live fasy die fun tattoo

You should think very carefully before deciding to get a tattoo and visit your local tattoo parlour, after all a tattoo is generally for life. Do your homework first and make sure you only visit an experienced tattooist. Here are some hints and tips to help you make your decision.:

  • Ask to see a portfolio of any potential tattoists previous work
  • Enquire which inks they use in their personel tattoo designs
  • Where possible choose a tattooist by reputation and experience
  • Tattooists are not all equal so be prepared to travel to have the tattoo you require
  • Experience always over rules cost. Don't risk your tattoo to an inexperienced amateur
  • Potential tattooists will not mind telling you their own speciality, we all excel in different areas
  • Last but by no means least check their hygene credentials

Help Finding A Tattoo Design You Like

If you have some ideas as to what you would like your new tattoo to be you can:

  • Start by searching online search engines - Any you like aspects of save to a folder on your computer or print any you like.
  • Visit your local tattooists and explain you are not sure what you want and any ideas you have. They will be able to show you appropriate tattoo designs
  • Ask people you know have tattoos their recommendations
  • Visit your local news agents. There is a whole host of tattooing magazines printed just to inspire you
  • Check your local press and the search engines for tattooing festivals, tattooing fairs and fetes etc
  • Remember: get permission for any designs you want tattooing. No tattooist is responsible for copyright infringement if you supplied the design

Need Japanese Maori tattooists in Sheffield or Chesterfield?

We are specialists for tattooing in Sheffield, South Yorkshire Contact us now for a free quotation.
Tel : 0114 2398829.


Feel The Steel Sheffield consists of Simon and Beany who are specialist tattooists in Sheffield.

Their specialities include: black and grey tattooing, japanese tattooing, maori tattooing and freehand at their tattooing parlour in Sheffield

Tattooists in Sheffield areas: Arbathorne, Manor Top, Gleadless, Heeley, Bradway, Greenhil, Broomhil, Ranmoor.